Weekly Photo Challenge: Admiration (2)

6 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Admiration (2)”

  1. aw, love these faces. lol – yes, here’s to wrinkles – for they speak of laugh lines and a life well-lived.
    in my school days i once read a children’s story where someone’s favourite adult character was described as having delightful laugh lines, and the little crows’ feet around the eyes was put in such a complimentary light. i actually remember that aspect of the book, although the plot and the rest of it has long been forgotten.
    anyhow, i remember how i hoped that one day i would have some friendly-looking laugh lines too, one day. and i do have them, although if they are friendly looking is possible debatable 🙂 anyhow, i must admit that adventures, spending time with family and loved ones and living a life for which i am grateful would be no less wonderful without those very laugh lines. 🙂


  2. Absolutely agree Kris, also another wonderful way to grow those wrinkles is to be out in the sun and the wind, and on the sea, and climbing mountains!
    Loved those dogs we met but they did slobber a lot – and they didn’t care about that either!


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