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The Carpenter Bee

The Carpenter Bee – Abeille charpentiere – Xylocopa violacea

A solitary bee about 25mm to 30mm long, glossy black all over with sparse black hairs. The opaque wings are dark brown with a lilac coloured sheen. Today is warm and sunny and they are coming to the winter jasmine. I’ve been trying to snap a few shots but it’s difficult; they don’t stay still very long! Between the carpenter bees and a solitary red admiral butterfly, who led me a merry dance, I managed to take 121 photos, most consigned to the bin. I did get this shot which I was quite thrilled with.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Shadow


Some time back I took this picture from the back seat of my hubby’s microlight. A chateau not far from us on the Vezere River. The first thing that ever struck me about the pic was the long the shadows the trees cast into the fields. One of my favourite aerial photos.

For the Weekly Photo Challenge – Shadows


Vicious Seed Pod


Try stealing my seeds if you dare!


Add colour and I’m a dinosaur!




You never know what you’ll find when you lift up a log. On this occasion it was Mr Woodlouse.

Bark-Stripping and Moss Theiving

Squiggle either had a leaky roof last night, or else his bed needed a bit of extra padding. This morning he was out in the tree right next to our balcony gather materials for repairs. I took a sequence of shots and fortunately this time the windows were clean.

Squiggle is Back

p1080593ae p1080597ae

For some reason in the last few months our red squirrels haven’t been visiting, and have had us a bit worried. Wonderful this morning to see this fat little girl on the windowsill, upsetting the birds as she tucks into their sunflower seeds. The pictures could be better if the housekeeper cleaned her windows more often!!

Robin Bobbin



Looking in the window this morning – with the light in the wrong place. Definitely Christmas card material for next year!

Mr Beetle



Mr Beetle are those your feet … or are they rolls of licorice?



You called?

For quite a while I haven’t been able to settle on a WordPress theme, and as some may possibly have noticed I’ve changed it a number of times recently. I do limit myself to free themes, which are plentiful, but still haven’t been completely happy with anything. A long time back I really loved ‘Modularity Lite’ then I think I had a change, then at some time later tried to switch back but it was gone! I’ve hankered after it ever since and in the end did a Google search and found I could download it. Hey Presto it’s back! I’m really pleased. It’s probably not everyone’s cup of tea but definitely my favourite. Do you have a favourite theme?

Weekly Photo Challenge: Names


Ducati:  speed, sound, spine-tingles, soul … etc!

This week’s theme for the WPC is ‘Name’, so it had to be my bike!

Now That’s A Pepper!



Weekly Photo Challenge: Resilience


In the midst of winter, I found there was, within me, an invincible summer.       Albert Camus


weekly photo challenge – frosted roses, still blooming in the garden now

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