It’s the P.M, (Praying Mantis) not Theresa May!

The Praying Mantis : Mantis religiosa



Female praying mantises often decapitate and eat their partners during mating

Praying mantises skewer their victims with lightning speed

Many ancient cultures held special beliefs about the praying mantis

Praying mantises have bulging eyes and heads that can swivel 180 degrees

The praying mantis eats nothing but live food, mostly insects

Cannibalism is common among praying mantises

The praying mantis cleans its forelegs after eating (see below!)

When she turned her head and stared directly at me it really was rather creepy!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Elemental


Weekly Photo Challenge


The Blue Fairy Parachutes in!


Learning Collage Creation!

A while back the photo challenge was ‘Collage’. I had no idea how to create one and have since looked up how to do it with GIMP (my free photo-editing program). GIMP has a great support system and you can learn everything you need to learn about it online, plus there are many tutorials on You-tube. So here is the outcome of my learning!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Texture

So many textures to choose from, especially in nature, but what could be more beautiful than a pure white feather! This was a macro shot of a very small feather.


Weekly Photo Challenge

Weekly Photo Challenge: Satisfaction

I get an indescribable sense of satisfaction knowing I’m just about to eat this! Without a shred of guilt!

Heavenly French pastry from our local patisserie


For the Weekly Photo Challenge: satisfaction

At the Heart of the Sunflower

The sunflowers are quite often enormous, just look how these blooms dwarf the honey bees that come to feast on them. I love the way the bees are coated with speckles of yellow pollen!







I am a Sunflower

I am a Sunflower  … a small one at the edge of the field


This is my little friend, she’s been dropping her pollen


This is our BIG sister, she’s way taller than us, and she’s been collecting bees!


Another of our sisters is very beautiful


This is Grandpa! He’s getting very old, you can tell by his petals, and his droopy head


Sunflower fields in France are quite spectacular. Our local farmer very kindly grew a whole field for me so I could take some photos. Post number two will be macro shots!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Unusual (coffee)

With our horses tied up under some shady trees our wrangler makes us some good cowboy-style coffee – not in a pot! My sister and my best friend were on a week’s holiday at ‘Homeplace’, a ranch in the foothills of the Rockies, in Alberta, Canada.

The Weekly Photo Challenge

Mrs Stag

Mrs stag beetle was not impressed to be photographed while wearing a cobweb!

Different Colour! : Hummingbird Hawk Moth

These hummingbird hawk moths arrived yesterday, feeding on the same plant as the ‘regulars’. I have never seen this colour before, they’re just beautiful, and much more vivid. Does anyone know if they have a specific name? I’ve found a few pictures on Google but no information.


Compared to the type we have always had …

Normal Colour

UPDATE!!  I’m editing this post because I have just found out from Pete  

that these are actually the Broad-bordered Bee Hawk Moth!  Thanks Pete!

Weekly Photo Challenge 2: Bridge

In he end I just had to put my alternative pic up for the challenge! This is a bridge created by nature – the Pont d’Arc in southern France.

A stunning natural arch, thirty metres high, carved out by the river

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