Au revoir For The Summer

Hello to all my lovely followers, and many thanks for all your ‘Likes’, comments and support this year. Biking and visitors seem to have overtaken us and I’ve decided to shelve blogging until the autumn. I rather fancied another Virgil quote for the last post …

Rouffi Road E

Do the gods light this fire in our hearts or does each man’s mad desire become his god?

Virgil, The Aeneid

The above pic of my hubby was clipped from a video taken from the GoPro attached to my ST2. Have a great summer and I hope I’ll see you all again in the autumn.

Two Smooth Snakes

The smooth snake is supposed to be rare and shy in the UK, but here in France, in our garden anyway, it seems to be friendly and thriving. Every year there’s a smooth snake under a large flat stone on the edge of the flower bed. Last year we noticed two entwined under the bay leaf bush, and this year there were two under the stone. These non-aggressive little snakes don’t bite, they are constrictors and they live on lizards. We have become quite fond of them over the years.


More info on the smooth snake from the UK website:


Weekly Photo Challenge: Numbers

This house in a back alley in the nearby village of Montignac has been like this since we came to live here twelve years ago. Number 13, I wonder if it has an unlucky history? According to the plaque on the wall the building is also 13th century. Chains, locks, and cobwebs adorn the door. I never pass it without a little shiver.




Weekly Photo Challenge