Weekly Photo Challenge: Bridge

I found I had quite a few photos of bridges, a dramatic one of the Pont d’Arc, a wonderful natural bridge down in the Ardèche department, way south of us. But the one I liked best was a quieter shot taken in December, just down the road at La Roque St Christophe. One of the bridges over the Vezere river.

WPC: Bridge

The Chirpers are at it!

The bush crickets have been serenading us, there must be hundreds in the woods, zizzing in the hot and humid evening!


Dragon Flies

These shots were taken at a nearby pond some years ago with my old Fuji-Finepix S5800. The dragonflies are so fast and on the go so much it’s hard to get a decent shot – and from a distance!


I did rather love this shot. I think the dragon fly may be laying her eggs on a reed under the water!

Caught in flight!

And these are the larvae cases that the newborn dragonflies have shrugged off and left


I’m assuming these are both damsel flies. If anyone knows exactly what type they are I’d love to know!


For someone special today


I am the albatross that awaits you

at the end of the world.

I am the forgotten soul of the dead mariners

who passed Cape Horn

from the seas of the world.

But they did not die

in the furious waves.

Today they soar on my wings

towards eternity

in the last crack of the Antarctic winds.


Sarah Vial – Chilean poet

Through the Kitchen Window

You can really say you’re blessed when this is the sort of view you have from your kitchen window early in the morning.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Order

Strawberry farms here in the Dordogne in Southern France. Perfect orderly rows! All that plastic heated by the sun sometimes causes a bit of turbulence when we fly over it in the microlight.

Weekly Photo Challenge

Weekly Photo Challenge: Friend

This photo was taken in 1973 – the year after we met in Calgary. My most wonderful friend, fellow farmhand, lifelong buddy, Joyce, what would I do without her. And that’s her friend too, the little black dog she loved so dearly – the infamous ‘Chubby Chicken’ who stole the butter, and the cake. Chubby is long gone I’m afraid. But Joyce is still going strong. For many years we’ve lived thousands of miles apart, but our friendship is just as strong as the day we met.  (The header today is Kaslo B.C where we shared so many memories).


Weekly Photo Challenge

Pastel Sketched Photographs

I love the transformations you can create these days with photo editing. Recently I discovered pastel sketch in GIMP. These are a few pics of flowers.



Dandelion Clock


Weekly Photo Challenge: Evanescent

With every passing breeze we fade, to grow again in another glade … tick-tock 

Weekly Photo Challenge:  Evanescent

Prayer Flags

I hung these up when my sister became ill back in 2012. They didn’t save her life, but I think of her every time I look at them. This is the second set, the first ones faded and all became white, so I replaced them last year – she would like that.

Don’t Wait!

Live Life Now!

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