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  1. Thanks for liking my Door. I am glad I found your Blog. Visited France last Summer. We had a great time. No time to stop in the Dordogne though. I will check every now and then to see your images…


  2. I saw a mention of Rouffignac, which reminded me of an interesting family visit to the Hundred (or is it the Thousand?) Mammoths.

    As you probably know, this involves an electric tram ride two kilometres underground and of course the lights periodically go off on the journey, not very reassuring for wives or kids of a nervous disposition. The cave paintings were worth it, though, as was being in the vicinity of a deep depression whence no doubt the chthonic gods emerged to inspire early humans.

    Dordogne is indeed a very special area, and on wet cold days in Wales I will envy you heartily!

    (I mentioned Rouffignac in an article in the 1980s, which you may find interesting: http://people.bath.ac.uk/liskmj/living-spring/sourcearchive/fs8/fs8cl1.htm)


    1. I have to admit to being an absolute Philistine when it comes to history which is a shame considering we have so much here. My hubby just loves it however. Yes, the Rouffignac caves, we’ve taken many a visitor down there. I love the feeling of going down underground, but the only thing I remember about the history is that those mammoths had an anal flap! Well it is an unusual appendage so I could be forgiven. The Dordogne is as you say a most beautiful area, especially in the summer – which can’t arrive too soon! Thanks so much for your comments and I will have a look at your link!


      1. We’ve often wondered why on earth people went so deep into the caves with naught but a candle to paint pictures that few would ever see. The thought that it was done to appease the deities of the underworld who may then grant their wishes is something I never thought of. Thinking of it now it would seem completely logical. Thanks for that!


  3. Bonsoir Jude,
    Je parle toujours aussi mal l’anglais. Je reprends mes cours pour essayer de parler avec vous et Bob.
    Vos photos sont magnifiques.
    votre voisine de Merly.
    bravo !


    1. Bonsoir Monique
      J’espère que vos leçons vont bien et mais sûrement votre anglais est aussi bon que mon français! J’ai un nouvel appareil de photo ainsi peut-être cela fait mes photos mieux!


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