The Moth Trap

My hubby recently built me a moth trap but as soon as he’d finished it the weather immediately turned rainy and windy, so I had to wait. Last night seemed pretty good so we set it up, and this morning I rushed down to see if I’d caught anything. The first thing I noticed was … Continue reading The Moth Trap

It’s the P.M, (Praying Mantis) not Theresa May!

The Praying Mantis : Mantis religiosa Invertebrate Carnivore Female praying mantises often decapitate and eat their partners during mating Praying mantises skewer their victims with lightning speed Many ancient cultures held special beliefs about the praying mantis Praying mantises have bulging eyes and heads that can swivel 180 degrees The praying mantis eats nothing but … Continue reading It’s the P.M, (Praying Mantis) not Theresa May!

Dragon Flies

These shots were taken at a nearby pond some years ago with my old Fuji-Finepix S5800. The dragonflies are so fast and on the go so much it’s hard to get a decent shot – and from a distance!   I did rather love this shot. I think the dragon fly may be laying her … Continue reading Dragon Flies

Asian Hornet

Known in France as the Frelon Asiatique these hornets are a threat to bee colonies, they also hunt a range of other insects. They’re supposed to have a pretty serious sting, which is slightly worrying in that they are attracted to a bush in our garden, a bush which I have to pass close to … Continue reading Asian Hornet

The Carpenter Bee

The Carpenter Bee – Abeille charpentiere – Xylocopa violacea A solitary bee about 25mm to 30mm long, glossy black all over with sparse black hairs. The opaque wings are dark brown with a lilac coloured sheen. Today is warm and sunny and they are coming to the winter jasmine. I’ve been trying to snap a … Continue reading The Carpenter Bee