Potted Mouse

Possibly my favourite animal is the wood mouse (also known as the long-tailed field mouse), and for many years now they have been coming to our window ledge to share the sunflower seeds we put out for the birds. But a problem arose about a year ago. I noticed a grey house-mouse chasing off a … Continue reading Potted Mouse

Squiggle is Back

For some reason in the last few months our red squirrels haven’t been visiting, and have had us a bit worried. Wonderful this morning to see this fat little girl on the windowsill, upsetting the birds as she tucks into their sunflower seeds. The pictures could be better if the housekeeper cleaned her windows more … Continue reading Squiggle is Back

A Break from Blogging

I never was very good at consistent routines and for the last few weeks my photography blogging and following the blogs of my fellow bloggers has drifted into other things. Summer has meant a lot more trips out on the motorcycles, time in the garden, and time to just sit and think. I’m still not … Continue reading A Break from Blogging