I am a Sunflower

I am a Sunflower  … a small one at the edge of the field


This is my little friend, she’s been dropping her pollen


This is our BIG sister, she’s way taller than us, and she’s been collecting bees!


Another of our sisters is very beautiful


This is Grandpa! He’s getting very old, you can tell by his petals, and his droopy head


Sunflower fields in France are quite spectacular. Our local farmer very kindly grew a whole field for me so I could take some photos. Post number two will be macro shots!


10 thoughts on “I am a Sunflower

  1. You are so pretty, sunflower, and you have a beautiful family and lovely friend! I can tell your grandpa is getting old.
    Beautiful photos, Jude!


    • Thanks Michael, they look just beautiful when you pass a huge field of them in the sun. Maybe you know that they turn as the day goes on and continue facing the sun. The birds love those seeds – as do the squirrels and wood-mice!

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