Potted Mouse

Possibly my favourite animal is the wood mouse (also known as the long-tailed field mouse), and for many years now they have been coming to our window ledge to share the sunflower seeds we put out for the birds. But a problem arose about a year ago. I noticed a grey house-mouse chasing off a wood mouse on more than one occasion and fairly soon the grey population was increasing. Not only that but there was a distinct aroma of mouse pee on the windowsill and the greys were increasing and bringing their offspring. (Wood mice are extremely clean and don’t leave smells).

It couldn’t go on. I started feeding the birds on the bird table. Then I dug out a humane mouse trap and filled it with seeds. Over a period of about a week we caught 25 mice and relocated them to a barn some distance away. I left the trap out for a while but there wasn’t a mouse in sight. The window ledge was scrubbed clean and I put no seed out for a couple of weeks.

I missed my wood mice, and kept thinking back to the one chased off by the grey. Now that the greys were gone would the wood mice come back? I put seeds out and within two or three days there he was late one evening taking seeds from a small dish. I decided to give him a little shelter in the form of an old flower pot. He seems to love it and is there every night. Apologies for the quality of the video, I need more practise at editing.



My little friend is often still ferrying seeds back to his burrow in the morning, which is when I managed to snap a few pictures through the window. But he’s so fast in and out of the pot and sometimes takes a while between trips. So there were two problems – one in that ninety percent of the photos ended up being mouse-blur. Then when I tried the video I was getting long gaps while he tore off to his burrow. This then caused small hiccups in the video (below) when I chopped out bits where nothing was happening. Hopefully you’ll enjoy it anyway.



5 thoughts on “Potted Mouse

  1. Oh Chude only you would do this. Love your mouse and his tail hanging out of the pot.! I like his nice waterer as well does he use it? Maybe you could put up dome jumps for him to go over? You are one crazy lady Love you lots! Choyce


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