Asian Hornet

Known in France as the Frelon Asiatique these hornets are a threat to bee colonies, they also hunt a range of other insects. They’re supposed to have a pretty serious sting, which is slightly worrying in that they are attracted to a bush in our garden, a bush which I have to pass close to when heading up to the washing line. They’ve been coming to this bush for the last two or three years and have arrived again in the last two or three days.

These hornets have a particularly deep and loud buzz (that of a small motorcycle) and a very aggressive look about them. But my theory is that hopefully if I leave them alone they’ll leave me alone. At the moment there are only one or two which will have come from a nest hopefully some distance away.


12 thoughts on “Asian Hornet

    • I read that they have got into the UK now. They’re not a pleasant insect when you read how they’ll take out a whole hive of bees. The nests we see here are incredible, huge, dome-shaped, and always hanging high in a tall tree. Always too far away for a photo!

  1. Thanks Pete. Can you by chance tell me the name of the shrub that they like so much? It draws an incredible number of insects, particularly all types of bees. And what’s nice is that although the hornets are known to hunt and kill other insects they make no attempt to attack when they’re all feeding on this plant.

  2. So Beautiful pictures and Beautifully Macro photography done. Really Appreciate your efforts. As an photographer i can understand how much creativity and patience is needed to capture pictures like this. Have a look on my work at and let me know how you find it . I would love to hear from photographer like you.

    • Many thanks for your kind comments Nitin. Actually I’m a complete amateur and my good shots are purely a matter of luck! I checked out your sight – great photography! 🙂

  3. Hey Jude – I didn’t know you had a Photography blog too! Wow! I discovered it on someone else’s list of favourite blogs. I’ve just viewed several of your posts – wonderful images and format! You are a very busy lady.

  4. I’m tooooo busy Michael! Just trying to catch up on over 50 messages in my WordPress inbox! And then there’s a husband to look after! Groan!!

    Thanks for all your lovely comments! 🙂

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