Weekly Photo Challenge: Surprise No.2

The Naked Woman and the Moth

I’m serious, this really happened yesterday morning! I wandered into the kitchen in ‘the altogether’ about seven o’clock and peered out of the window, checking for squirrels or birds etc. Nothing furred or feathered in view but then heavens above I see on the window in the corner by the shutter the biggest moth in the world! I dashed into the bedroom and told my hubby, who was still half asleep, then grabbed the camera. I was so excited, and had to get a few photos of the moth before she took off, so I threw the windows wide, clambered onto a stool, and then knelt on the edge of the sink while leaning out of the window as far as I dared in order to get my shots. It did pass through my mind at this time that I had no clothes on; I just hoped there were no hunters around!

The moth was incredible. I managed to get a passable shot …

Then I managed to very gently get her on my hand …

With her wings spread out she had to be seven inches across. I took a few more shots …

The moth seemed very sleepy and made no attempt to fly off, and ended up back on my hand. I still hadn’t grabbed any clothes and was now standing outside the back door – with moth attached. Fortunately she stayed attached while I nipped into the bedroom and pulled on a dressing gown and a pair of trainers. I wanted to take her up into the trees where she’d be camouflaged from predators.

Having done a bit of a search I’m fairly sure this is a female Emperor moth. What a beauty, and what a surprise!


7 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Surprise No.2

  1. Wow! These are superb shots, Jude! And you risked your modesty and nearly falling out the window to get them! Sounds like something I would do, too lol! 🙂 I have never seen these myself, only in books, and I have always wanted to see one since I was a kid. What a beauty!

  2. I was thrilled, and just so lucky that for some reason she ended up staying on the window. Now I keep thinking about buying/building a moth trap in order to see and learn more about the moths around here. 🙂

  3. Thanks Michael, none of those shots were very good actually. The light wasn’t the best and I was getting a bit chilly – being clothes-less (so possible camera shake)! 🙂

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