Crab Spider

7 thoughts on “Crab Spider”

  1. Great images, Jude! It is the Goldenrod Crab Spider (Misumena vatia), a female, same species as in my images, but with the stripes! These stripes can also vary in colour, depending on what flowers they want to blend into.


    1. Thanks Pete, I had no doubt that you’d know it. I didn’t know it was a female either. I found the way she held her two front legs (in the first two pics) quite fascinating – reminded me of a ballet dancer!

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    1. Also it just occurred to me that as well as crab spiders there are spider crabs! I remember them from many years scuba diving! Huge bid spindly things! 🦀🦀


  2. So nice to see flowers again and some very pretty ones! Over here our lawns had frost on them yesterday! Love the piccys! Sista!


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