Too Close for Comfort

When you’re a lizard it doesn’t pay to hang around near the stone under which the Smooth Snake lives. Smoothy seems to have arrived today and has taken up residence under his favourite stone. Mr Lizard watched me taking photos, so I snapped one of him too, with his missing tail. I wonder how he lost that!

Our rather lovely smooth snake has made this spot his summer home for a few years, and doesn’t seem at all perturbed by us lifting his stone to take a few pictures.



15 thoughts on “Too Close for Comfort

    • He/she is a very gentle snake. I’m not a snake lover, but we’ve grown very fond of this little guy who pops up under that stone every summer – well actually spring!


  1. Hi Jude – I liked your comment on Pete Hillman’s blog – so I thought I’d check out your site.
    I’ve just looked at a few posts and really like the quality of your images and the short descriptions, so I’m signing up to follow you.


    • Thanks Michael, I just signed up to yours as well! My kind of blog. Loved your eagle pics. I used to live in B.C, many moons ago – 1973 to 1983, in a place called Kaslo, on Kootenay lake between the Selkirk and Purcell mountains. Wonderful memories. I’ll look forward to keeping an eye on your blog 🙂

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      • Hi Jude – I’m looking forward to your posts. Kaslo! Wow! We went there on a round trip through the Kootenays with our old van full of kids about 15 years ago. My wife had always wanted to see Kaslo. I liked Nelson too – with all the eccentric folks. What did you do in Kaslo for 10 years?


    • Apologies for late reply Michael – I’ve been away.
      I ended up in Kaslo when I hitchhiked out to see a friend who was working on a small farm there. Ended up staying for ten years, working on the farm, then in the sawmill, then got married. My husband had a mill up at Cooper Creek at the head of the lake. My son was born in Nelson. Fabulous years!

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      • Hi Jude – I’d just like to apologize for my goofy comment about ‘Memoirs” – I think I just had coffee and should be wary of posting “humorous” comments on others blogs. You can delete that comment, no problem!


      • I actually was being a silly woman! I couldn’t see a reply button under your last message and didn’t realise I had to go back to the first message to reply. You’d have to do a lot worse than that to offend me! And I actually did write a memoir of my time in Canada and coming to France – and it’s on Amazon! 🙂


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