Too Close for Comfort

15 thoughts on “Too Close for Comfort”

    1. He/she is a very gentle snake. I’m not a snake lover, but we’ve grown very fond of this little guy who pops up under that stone every summer – well actually spring!


  1. Hi Jude – I liked your comment on Pete Hillman’s blog – so I thought I’d check out your site.
    I’ve just looked at a few posts and really like the quality of your images and the short descriptions, so I’m signing up to follow you.


    1. Thanks Michael, I just signed up to yours as well! My kind of blog. Loved your eagle pics. I used to live in B.C, many moons ago – 1973 to 1983, in a place called Kaslo, on Kootenay lake between the Selkirk and Purcell mountains. Wonderful memories. I’ll look forward to keeping an eye on your blog 🙂

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      1. Hi Jude – I’m looking forward to your posts. Kaslo! Wow! We went there on a round trip through the Kootenays with our old van full of kids about 15 years ago. My wife had always wanted to see Kaslo. I liked Nelson too – with all the eccentric folks. What did you do in Kaslo for 10 years?


    2. Apologies for late reply Michael – I’ve been away.
      I ended up in Kaslo when I hitchhiked out to see a friend who was working on a small farm there. Ended up staying for ten years, working on the farm, then in the sawmill, then got married. My husband had a mill up at Cooper Creek at the head of the lake. My son was born in Nelson. Fabulous years!

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      1. Hi Jude – I’d just like to apologize for my goofy comment about ‘Memoirs” – I think I just had coffee and should be wary of posting “humorous” comments on others blogs. You can delete that comment, no problem!


      2. I actually was being a silly woman! I couldn’t see a reply button under your last message and didn’t realise I had to go back to the first message to reply. You’d have to do a lot worse than that to offend me! And I actually did write a memoir of my time in Canada and coming to France – and it’s on Amazon! 🙂


    1. The Smoothy is easy to photograph because he always comes back to live under the same stone! He’s a quiet, rather gentle little guy that doesn’t tear off when he sees you.

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