5 thoughts on “Indecision”

  1. This is a great theme. It presents your images on a fairly large scale and very neatly indeed. I spent quite a while on messing about in Themes trying to find one I felt suitable for my blog. In the end my favourite is the one I use on both my blogs and it is called ‘Fontfolio’. It reminds me a little how Flicker presents the images, although I am no longer there. I find it very presentational for photography with a great menu.


    1. Thanks for your comment on this Pete, it’s good to hear that it looks OK to others, I imagine it shows up differently on different pc’s. I also tried out ‘Fontfolio’, and it was an option, but in the end went back to Mod’ Lite because I like the background, and the menu at the bottom.

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  2. i like a dark background for photos… this one is perfect! and the click itself is quite lovely too.
    i also personally prefer a theme that isn’t too busy with tons of posts visible on the home page, although multiple posts on the home page seems to be the trend nowadays. my absolute favourite theme, as is apparent by my blog, is Duotone because the background colour is always a mystery until you have posted your header image. unfortunately DT was retired sometime last year, so new subscribers no longer have access to it. but so far it’s still working and i am hanging on to it. but sometimes i think i should consider changing it one day… or not… 😀
    congrats on getting modularity lite back!


  3. Hey Kris, thanks so much for your thoughts, it really helps to receive other opinions. I nearly switched to a multiple post theme but every one threw up something I wasn’t quite happy with, and I really do prefer to focus on one photo (or subject) on the main page. I used Duotone for quite a while some time back, then was lured to Modularity Lite when I saw it on another blog. Did you know Duotone is back? It’s certainly an option in free themes at the moment because I nearly went back to it. I really enjoy your blog with Duotone, besides you know you’d have to get Timmy’s permission if you want to change!


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