Weekly Photo Challenge: Harmony

Flying in harmony they arrived today, just as I was thinking about a picture for the photo challenge. I love these birds (the European Crane) that call their wonderful call so high overhead, to tell us that spring is here. They tell how they’ve had a warm winter in the south, in Spain, Portugal and Morocco, and are now returning north to their breeding grounds in Germany, Norway, Estonia, Finland, Poland, Russia and Sweden. I have read that 130,000 birds use this route. We sometimes hear them before we see them and rush outside to watch them fly in their beautiful skeins, sometimes circling, maybe for a rest. It’s said that their incredible ‘trumpeting’ call can be heard from a distance of five kilometers.

Photos are never great because the birds are flying so high, but I did like this one.



Weekly Photo Challenge: Harmony



3 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Harmony

  1. i find the whole mystery surrounding bird migration so fascinating. how do they know when it’s time to leave? and how do they know where to go? and how do they find their way back again? and how do they stay together and not get all messed up with their flying choreography?
    beautiful image. thanks for sharing.


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