Je suis Charlie!



In memory of the twelve journalists and cartoonists wantonly slaughtered at the offices of their newspaper ‘Charlie Hebdo’ on Wednesday morning.

In support of France, the country I live in, and free speech.

The men who carried out this atrocity have apparently said they want to die as martyrs, but they seem to have missed the obvious; the only martyrs made here are the ones they themselves have created – as in the people they’ve murdered and the newspaper they attacked. May they fade rapidly into the dusts of history and be quickly forgotten.

Long Live Charlie Hebdo!

(please feel free to use this photo)


2 thoughts on “Je suis Charlie!

  1. will repeat what i said over at the writer in the woods:
    horrible what has happened. i am saddened at the senseless and brutal destruction and disrespect for human lives. but responding likewise would be just as horrible.

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