A Break from Blogging

I never was very good at consistent routines and for the last few weeks my photography blogging and following the blogs of my fellow bloggers has drifted into other things. Summer has meant a lot more trips out on the motorcycles, time in the garden, and time to just sit and think. I’m still not back into blogging mode but hope to be back soon. In the meantime here are a few pics I never got around to posting this summer. Many thanks to all for your ‘Likes’ and comments, and apologies for not getting around to viewing your posts for the last while. See you soon. Happy Autumn!



Taken from our kitchen window






Our lovely Smooth Snake


Lurking in the hazel bush!


Raspberries & Cream?


Marble White Butterfly


The Butterfly and the Bee


Beetle Race!


A Tale of Two Tails


Another quite different tail


Coeur de Sorciere (Sorceror’s Heart) Also known as the Latticed Stinkhorn.


The Night of Many Fire Salamanders


Love must have been in the air! A warm rainy night and en-route back from our neighbours we saw at least twenty of these lovely creatures out looking for a mate.


That’s all folks … see you sometime soon!


6 thoughts on “A Break from Blogging

  1. Thanks Amy. I’ve just needed a break recently. I was spending far too much time on the computer. I’m now off to England for a short while to see family. You take care. 🙂


  2. enjoyed these moments. thanks for sharing. i understand about breaks. i quite regularly take some time off from blogging during the summer as well. sometimes life gets busy, and there are times when blogging is not a priority. it’s all good. do take care and enjoy your blogging break!


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