7 thoughts on “ETC.,”

  1. One of the best trips I have ever done. Needless to say the Irish visitors really enjoyed themselves. Limeuil where you see the bikes parked facing the water has a magnificent municipal camp site by the water, just off to the right of the gorgeous silver BMW with the distinctive exhaust note.

    The Au Revoir photo was rain but 3 hours later up on the A83 we were in glorious sunshine and a clear blue sky.

    Those red and white panniers are awesome.


    1. Aha Olaf!! I have to say you were the best Irish visitors we’ve ever had! I just hope the tea I provided was as good as Mrs Doyle’s! Please come back any time. I’ll save some of your Thai 7-Spice and we’ll have a stir-fry. Big Hello to Will, and thanks for your lovely comment on here. 🙂


  2. I love this post! That Rommel guy sounds like an awesome fella. 🙂 I love the looks of the buildings esp. the dents and cracks look really cool. Your artistic approach shines on these photos as well. Really great job. I need me some rain pictures. Have yet to experiment with rain pictures.


  3. Ah lovely comments! Thanks Rommel. That rain pic was simply me snapping through the back window of the car when Will was about to leave. My theory is ‘snap anything and see what comes out!’


  4. Jude,

    About Mrs Doyle……

    We went to Craggy Island last Sunday for afternoon tea. John Williams came down from Belfast to join us.

    We had a lovely run on the day but we really enjoyed Rouffignac and the tea there. The welcome from both of you was legendary. I don’t see Bob on the forum now but you should know we have hatched a plan to arrive in France on 31st May. So far we have Will of course and Stephen Mayhew and John Williams on board.

    Limeuil was the last straw for me. It just has to be repeated. It summed up perfectly what France is about and is a must do for next year. A few days camping there will be nice for us.


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