Never Assume! Check!

7 thoughts on “Never Assume! Check!”

  1. I don’t know how much the new camera had to do with those shots, the colour and composition is brilliant. They are really nice pictures 🙂 When I got my FZ200 for weeks I was carrying my old camera around as well, I just didn’t really trust the new one, after a bit I realised that the new one was far better 🙂


  2. Ah thanks Colin, maybe we’re both in that age group when change isn’t adjusted to quite so easily! I was happy with the pics above, but there were half a dozen that were useless. I found some great shots of ants filing up the stems of a plant and in every case the camera had focused just wide of the stem. I had blurred stems and distant objects sharp. Immediate thought was to carry my old camera for specific shots. Trial and error!


  3. Jude, like most things in life, cameras are a compromise. If you want small and pocketable, so you’ve always got it with you, a tiny one with an LCD screen fits the bill. But because you won’t have a ‘proper’ viewfinder – optical is preferable to electronic IMO – as well as the LCD screen, you’ll miss many pix because you”ll be stuggling to focus or can’t see the screen in bright sunlight. But, add a viewfinder and the weight, bulk and cost leap up and, if it’s too bulky, you’ll be tempted to leave it at home.

    No easy answer … Jim xx


    1. Agreed Jim! I don’t like pocket cameras, the finepix s5800 that I had was a bridge camera, and it’s been brilliant, and it had a viewfinder and an LCD screen. I assumed (there’s that word again!) that the s4600 – also a bridge and just a newer version of the s5800 would automatically have a viewfinder too. I was so peed off with myself for not doing a thorough check. I’ll definitely use the new camera but will pack my 5800 with me as well for shots that I want to make sure of. Thanks for your thoughts! 🙂


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