Crab Spider

11 thoughts on “Crab Spider”

  1. Hey, thanks for the plug. Lovely to see your spider. Those are good sharp shots and I can’t wait to see what you do with the new camera. It is kinda wonderful getting a new camera, technology just advances so quick and the new one is always so much better. Great pictures. – Colin 🙂


    1. Thanks Colin – now I can stop calling you ‘Fod’ Hopefully I’ll be able to post a few utterly brilliant shots when the new camera arrives later next week! 🙂


  2. I absolutely agree Jeff. I really have a phobia about spiders. I can pick up virtually any creepy-crawly, or snake or bat, but I run a mile from spiders especially the huge black hairy monsters that appear from under a chair in the evening and do an Olympic dash across the carpet! This little guy was quite beautiful in his own way.


  3. My goodness, I have a phobia too and would never have gotten so close. Highly unusual creature though, pretty even….


    1. Thanks Amy, I’d love to find more species of spiders to photograph – excluding the big black ones that appear like magic when you’re watching TV in the evening. Those get a sieve slapped over them till hubby can deport them into the woods!


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