Feeling Sluggish?

9 thoughts on “Feeling Sluggish?”

  1. he is beautiful, so different from our leopard slugs Jude … they are Limax maximus and up to 20cm in length … this one looks positively genteel …


    1. Most people thinks slugs are awful things, they can’t seem to see them as part of the whole nature picture. They’re slow and gentle and yes, a bit ‘sticky’ but they have their place, and definitely their own beauty. This one was actually 18cm in length.


      1. wow, it does not look that long, what a magnificent creature … they lived around our previous house and I would sometimes step on one in the dark … we don’t have any here 😦


    1. Thank you! SO easy to capture a slug close up, no chance of him dashing off. Only had one worry, I was down at eye level with him at one point and he was so close and advancing. I had visions of him stuck to the end of the camera lens!


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