Weekly Photo Challenge: Change

11 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Change”

    1. My hubby is a huge fan of Roman history, he’s had that coin for years. It is interesting, and sometimes I feel a bit sad at how we lose certain coins due to ‘progress’.


    1. I remember the three penny bit! Also I loved the farthing with the Jenny Wren on it. That was when the sweet shop sold four black-jacks for a penny – and threepence bought a packet of crisps with a twist of blue paper full of salt! Methinks we’re showing our age. 🙂


  1. Enjoyed this! We seem to have shared a similar thought with this challenge. 🙂
    You have some historical relics here, for sure, including the German ‘Deutschmark’ which lost its battle with the Euro a number of years ago. Thanks for sharing, Jude. Am so delighted to have bumped into your photo blog!


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