A Spot of Fishing

11 thoughts on “A Spot of Fishing”

  1. Cus we talked about being fellow Pisceans some time ago – Feb 20th to March 20th. Mine’s the first day of Pisces – Feb 20th … and I was 39! 🙂 🙂 🙂


    1. I’m sure I had a good time talking with you about being Pisces!

      I couldn’t remember how old I was on my birthday. !! hee hee! Hope you had a good birthday–would you have still been with family? Whether or not you were, it must have been an emotional moment….


      1. Actually I was back home in a right grumpy mood! Did my best to ignore the birthday thing which was a shame looking back on it now. The ups and downs of a moody fish eh!


    2. That’s how it was for me–just wanted the day to slide by unnoticed. But Mike brought flowers and gave me ART SUPPLIES!!! How could I have wished for silence instead?!

      My theory is that birthdays are celebrated over a season, so happy birthday to you!


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