The (Unofficial) Photo Challenge: Summer

Ailsa, over at Where’s My Backpack, has invited us to take part in another challenge. Great idea Ailsa! The subject is ‘Summer’ and here’s mine.

Summer has barely arrived here in southern France. If you walk through the woods you see that the ferns are only just unfolding;  tight little fists unfurling into delicate frond-like leaves.


9 thoughts on “The (Unofficial) Photo Challenge: Summer

  1. They are amazing aren’t they? I think I could get quite fanatical about ferns!! So many varieties for so many climatic conditions. I may have to join in this unofficial challenge. Better have a quick look at my archive.

    • I was fascinated at how tight the little ‘fists’ are initially, and then how the process of ‘unfurling’ happens. Nature is marvellous.

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