Weekly Photo Challenge: Hands

In this picture the hand of the pilot is telling his wife ‘It’s over there!’ Hands are used to give directions. The reflection caught in the GPS is his wife’s hand as she leans over him to take a picture. What would photographers do without their hands?!



20 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Hands

      • Microlight, Ultralite and ULM are all the same thing. Two different sorts though – fixed wing (like a small aeroplane) and flex-wing (with a kite-shaped wing and a bar to steer it). Ours is a flex-wing. It’s a bit like motor-cycling in the sky!

  1. Outstanding entry this week Jude! I assume the “Wife” in this tale is you(?) That you got the pilots hand and yours in the reflection seems like you knew this challenge was coming.

    • Pure luck Jeff! I happened to find this shot in the depths of the archives. Yes I’m usually in the back seat – praying for zero turbulence!

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