Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections

The Challenge that Wasn’t!

I was going to post this picture today and then curiously I see that Ailsa has thrown down the gauntlet and suggested ‘reflections’ as a Weekly Photo Challenge. Jeff and Reb have picked up the gauntlet and so here goes. The only thing is my reflection pic isn’t a real one, it’s a picture I created for the latest chapter of The Mouse and the Microlight – when ‘Mouse Five’ suddenly sees how much she looks like her mother, and realises how much she misses her family.

I can’t quite describe the fun I get out of creating these types of pictures. It can be quite a lengthy process, and this one started with a strategically placed wing-mirror and a photography session on the floor of the garage. I scrabbled around amongst my husband’s array of tools, gadgets, tins, brushes, rivets, screws, boxes and rubbish. It was blinkin’ hard on the knees I can tell you! Having come up with a picture of a mirror that I was satisfied with I then searched my folder of wood-mice photos (all my own and snapped on the kitchen windowsill over the past couple of years). I found two suitable mice and proceeded to add them to the mirror photo and blend them in. I have a graphics tablet which is just marvellous for painting and drawing and so much better than using the mouse. I hope you enjoy Mouse Five and her reflection.


20 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections

  1. Bwaaahahaa Jude this is awesome!!! I don’t care if it’s not real, in my mind it is totally real. Ingenious. LOVE IT. Thanks so much for this wonderful entry into the not so official weekly photo challenge! xoxo Ailsa


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  3. Oh my goodness, this is absolutely fantastic! I don’t care if it “isn’t real” – neither is this weeks challenge!!! I’d love you to take a look at my entry too – we have a similar photo!


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