Action Sequence

8 thoughts on “Action Sequence”

  1. I might have the opportunity to photograph an equestrian endurance event this year, in beautiful Summerland, British Columbia. I hope I can do it justice. I’m thinking high ISO, and fast shutter speed, and maybe multiple shots on the hope that at least one or two are good enough.
    Great shots.


    1. My camera (Canon EOS 500D) has a Sports Mode. I used that. It takes multiple shots.
      Please say hello to Kelowna for me – I think it was close to Summerland. One of my oldest friends lives further north in Kaslo, BC – where I lived for 10 years. If you get the chance to get up there it’s god’s country.


      1. I’m going to do some more travelling now that the snow is all but gone. Spring is definitely here. The fruit trees are in blossom, bringing visions of those fruit stands along the main roads with shelves loaded with local cherries, peaches, nectarines etc. Steve and I are often in Kelowna. It’s only 50mins from Penticton and about 30mins from Summerland. It doesn’t take long to drive now that they have a new mulit-lane road running along the lake.


  2. Lucky you! I remember so well coming down to visit my mother-in-law in Kelowna and going home with boxes of cherries and peaches! I bet the blossom is wonderful. Have fun on your travels Kate!


    1. I don’t consider myself a ‘real’ photographer Jeff. I just had the camera on ‘sports-mode’ for that shot. It did it all by itself! I probably have an eye for what will make a good shot but I’m just not technical. I see ‘real’ photographers as those guys in the past who worked with light meters and who set the speed and aperture themselves. Nowadays it’s all done for you. Methinks you’re more the old-fashioned sort. 🙂


      1. Thank you for your confidence in me, but don’t be so sure. To me it’s all about the image. The process is secondary. Sure I know my way around a camera, and how to manipulate it to get the image I want. “Seeing” the photo is where the real talent lies in my book, the camera is just a tool to capture the photographers vision. You obviously saw the potential for a great image, and you took it. In a high speed, fast paced situation like this I think you made the right call. This is the one situation where I would set the camera for high speed drive and let it do most of the work. You paid good money for the technology hiding in your camera, there is absolutely nothing wrong with taking full advantage of it!


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