Weekly Photo Challenge: Unusual

58 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Unusual”

  1. Wow, awesome shot! I’m glad I happened upon your blog, it’s not often you get to see photography like yours. It must be such a fun and exciting thing to do.


    1. Thanks Robby! Yes it is exciting – a bit like 3D-Motorcycling. I’m OK till we get some turbulence then I wonder why the hell I’m doing it! I have complete faith in my pilot-hubby, but at times it still seems ‘unnatural’ to be up there. Wonderful on calm days though.


    1. Thanks Mike – that was up north of us. I spied that place en-route to visit a friend. It’s a great privilege to be able to see the world from high up. Photography can be a bit of a challenge sometimes with the wind buffeting!


  2. Good question Jeff, but that place wasn’t in this area. We were flying north to visit friend. But the rivers in this area do go exactly that colour after heavy rain – sort of deep caramel. A good point.


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