Facing Down the Enemy!

9 thoughts on “Facing Down the Enemy!”

      1. No problem. How is spring over there in France? I bet it is beautiful. I’m looking forward to seeing some photos. I have a mission for you — lavender fields! Please please…


    1. Thanks Fergiemoto! It was fun writing this chapter – and even more fun constructing the pictures. I was a bit unkind this time and left the readers hanging – not knowing if the mice escaped or not. They’ll find out in the next chapter.


    1. Thanks Andrea – and many thanks for all the ‘Likes’! I get a great kick out of creating my photo-illustrations for my story. You can do such amazing things with photo editing.


    1. Thanks Michael, I’ve just improved them all for an e-book and for a paperback. It’s so good when you can have so much fun with your own creativity, and it doesn’t cost a penny!

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