Fabulous Fungi

So far this winter we haven’t even had a frost. It’s been uncommonly mild and very damp; an ideal climate for mushrooms and all sorts of fungi. The French eat many of the local wild mushrooms here, and we live in the woods and are surrounded by them – but they’re certainly not all edible. Some are quite beautiful and very poisonous. But I love photographing them. It does entail getting togged up in waterproofs and rolling around in wet leaves or grass, but that’s half the fun. Yesterday I found something I’ve never seen before – a fir-cone with tiny fungi growing out of it. Amazing! They weren’t much bigger than the end of a pencil. And then today my hubby shouted at me to look at some in the grass below the wood-pile. Again a variety we’ve never seen before; a beautiful translucent cream colour with honeycombed-sculpted stems and weird misshapen caps. Over the last two days I have ended up with about twenty-five photographs of some fabulous fungi. I hope you like some of them. They’ll be in the Fungi category.


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