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Oh For Snow!



Wish we had this this year! Getting fed up with fog, mist, rain and greyness!

SNOW trees no words

Weekly Photo Challenge: Surprise

Surprise followed by groan. The Christmas Pudding should have been eaten two years ago! Xmas Pudd

Weekly Photo Challenge: Delicate

A macro shot. This tiny toadstool, growing within the mosses on a frosty bank, was only about an inch tall.


Mini Frosted Moss

Back to my photography blog after nearly four months – two months of which were spent in England looking after my sister who has been very ill. Returning to France in early October I came down with a serious case of writer’s/photographer’s block and the creativity incentive just froze up. Fortunately the thaw has set in and this morning, spying a glorious frost outside, I set off with my camera. Here follows a few frosty pics.

Tiny mosses, so delicate and fragile.

Tiny mosses, so delicate and fragile.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside now Out

This is the inside now out!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

A new life attempting to grow inside this tomato! I’ve never found one like it before.

Not Cow Slips but Cow’s Lips!

Sometimes I have the urge to post a downright silly photo. :)

Weekly Photo Challenge: Dream

The sky’s the limit. When you’re above the clouds all dreams seem possible.

Baby on the Window Ledge – Made My Day!

What more could you want than a visit from a baby red squirrel. We live in the woods and the squirrels visit regularly to eat the sunflower seeds and walnuts that we put out. But this is the first year that one so young has come. It really did make my day. :) :)

Bush-Cricket’s Supper

We have various types of Bush Cricket here in southern France, this was one (Phaneroptera nana) I discovered on a plant in the garden. He had the longest feelers in the world, and the longest legs! He seemed to find the tiny white flower petals very much to his taste, and made no attempt to move away from the camera.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Movement

Take water, add dog, throw stone … and you get movement!


Baptême de l’air for Marie

Our friend Marie took her first flight in a microlight yesterday. She had a huge smile on her face when she landed!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Fleeting Moment

Weekly Photo Challenge: Create

Creating a cover for my book took a lot of visualising and my imagination went off in many directions. Eventually I kept coming back to one particular photograph of the sky – taken through the tinted back window of our car. A friend of mine then allowed me to use one of her wedding photos for my elf girl, and then I dragged out my graphics tablet and drew in the sleigh and reindeer. Lastly I needed to add the title, author, and catch-phrase. So it took a combination of photos and artwork to arrive at the finished product. I just love the ‘creative’ experience and can lose myself for hours in it. My book (a full length novel) was published on Amazon Kindle in 2010. The writing of a novel was a huge experience in creation!

How to get an Aeroplane out of a Tree. (1)

The guy who got this microlight back to ground-level did it with just a few ropes, a chainsaw, and a short-saw on a long pole! He cleared surrounding small trees and then started to cut the ones holding the aircraft. We stood well-back and held our breath every time something creaked or cracked. We heard him say on a number of occasions ‘Très dangereux!’ It certainly looked hellish dangerous to us. Thankfully no one was hurt in the crash or in the recovery.

How to get an Aeroplane out of a Tree. (2)

Notice the figure in the foreground running as the microlight drops!

How to get an Aeroplane out of a Tree. (3)

It drops with a crunch.

How to get a Microlight out of a Tree. (4)

A sad moment as the wing buckles.

How to get an Aeroplane out of a Tree! (5)

A final landing.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Close

A ‘close call’ a ‘close shave’! Fortunately the pilot and his passenger (a close friend of ours) were uninjured when this AX3 fixed-wing microlight (ultralight, ULM) crashed into the trees just after take-off on our airstrip on Thursday. Unfortunately, when the aircraft came to rest, they were 30 feet off the ground and had to climb down the trees!

Travel Theme: Street Markets

Here’s to Ailsa’s next challenge – Street Markets. Check out her blog: ‘Where’s My backpack?’ Everybody welcome. My contribution is the Christmas market at Aachen, Germany. What a wonderful array of Christmas stalls with amazing products: beautiful Christmas decorations and a sumptuous variety of gingerbread to name but a few, and the air filled with the tantalising smell of freshly cooked bratwurst and sauerkraut, as we stand, well wrapped, in the frosty evening sipping hot spiced gluhwein.

The Dordogne Wearing Spring Green

The woods are all in leaf, and so beautiful to walk through.

The (Unofficial) Photo Challenge: Summer

Ailsa, over at Where’s My Backpack, has invited us to take part in another challenge. Great idea Ailsa! The subject is ‘Summer’ and here’s mine.

Summer has barely arrived here in southern France. If you walk through the woods you see that the ferns are only just unfolding;  tight little fists unfurling into delicate frond-like leaves.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Hands

In this picture the hand of the pilot is telling his wife ‘It’s over there!’ Hands are used to give directions. The reflection caught in the GPS is his wife’s hand as she leans over him to take a picture. What would photographers do without their hands?!



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